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Luxie Malone
14 May 2009 @ 12:37 pm

I see what I've done here. I was so proud of myself doing that Things I Love Thursday post I actually ended up neglecting it for weeks. But here you go, I'm doing it again.

curiositykate & theimposter's wedding of course. It was the best day ever :) ♥

♥ Getting to see rocknrollpixie and mister_tee I didn't realise how much I'd missed them, they should come and stay soon ♥

♥ I'm now using the till at Lush so that's really good, I feel a lot more useful now and last week I got to do loads of demos and recommend products to people ♥

♥ The new Tarot card book me and Kate bought on Tuesday ♥

♥ Little Big Planet!! So so cute :) ♥

♥ I bought a cute blue high waisted skirt with red hearts and a pretty sailor top and I LOVE THEM, on one hand I'm quite enjoying that New Look are currently selling things in my current style as they aren't too expensive however it means I'm gonna look like everyone else which isn't so good ♥
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Luxie Malone
23 April 2009 @ 10:33 pm

♥ This lovely new Panda DS game Kate has got for me. It's like Nintendogs but with this adorable Panda. Mine is named Panda-San. If you tickle him in just the right way he gets covered in flowers cuz he likes it so much ♥

♥ Working at Lush. This has been my dream job for many years and after endlessly pursuing them and being let down I gave up hope. Perhaps I just had to wait for the ideal time. Last week on my first day I felt a little disappointed in myself as I hadn't managed to do any demonstrations or actively help a customer and I felt as though I should have done. I think maybe this is a skill I will gradually learn as time goes by. I get on well with the girls there though, they are all very nice and I think I'm picking things up well and I know a lot about the products so other than that it's all going good ♥

♥ Me and Ryans weekend away at Easter. We stayed in a cute little flat in Cheltenham with our own kitchen/bathroom etc and we had a lovely time, didn't go out much as we are poor but it was nice to be alone and do what we liked ♥

♥ Kate and Chris get married next week! Obv this is very exciting ♥

♥ I booked time off work for the wedding next week, I asked for Monday 27th to Saturday 2nd but have actually got this Saturday 25th until Tuesday 5th which is rather lovely ♥

♥ My Vanilla De-Lite body lotion from Lush! It's so so yummy, I love vanilla so I'm so glad it's so powerful in this body lotion, you get loads of "Hint of" smells but this is deffo vanilla, leaves my skin so so smooth too, haven't shaved my legs in a while so I was stubbly but they feel all soft now ♥

♥ I'm not trying to make this post all about Lush but I did also want to mention my Lemony Flutter cuticle cream, I bit my nails and the skin around my nails and they get so so skanky looking but since using this cream they've been looking amazing. The skin has all healed up and it's helping me not to bite, and when I do I just rub some of this on and it looks much better! I've also been using it on my toes and cracked heels ♥

♥Honorable Mentions♥ All the freebies I have from Lush, it's nice to try out new products and have such variety :) There's lots of things that I've never used before like Mirror Mirror face/cleavage cream, Eau De Roma Toner, Almond & Coconut smoothie so I'm really glad I've got those ♥ Nature Valley Granola bars, I swear I'd starve if I didn't have these, sweet filling tasty. Always got one in my handbag ♥ Kate for making me Sleepy Time tea ♥ Nicola at work, we always got on well but since she's started working on reception we've realised we have a lot in common ♥
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Luxie Malone
27 March 2009 @ 09:47 pm
1) Comment this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

curiositykate rather cruelly gave me Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed), Cole Turner (Charmed) and The Beast (Beauty & The Beast). They are also all fictional.

Can you guess who I picked?Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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Luxie Malone
So I'm a bit pleased with that.

Julia, one of the tutors who was interviewing, was doing a joint interview with me and this other girl (and this girls boyfriend who came along) just explaining the course, about the modules, assignments and term time stuff which was good. It sounds like hard work but a lot of things are. It's full time although that means it's 3 days a week but apparently they say full time because it includes a lot of work to do at home. But that was what my hairdressing course was like, and I did very little and still managed to pass that. But I won't do that this time I'll be really good and study and everything.

Julia said that with each module there will be an assignment, I imagine it will work like my Hair course did, where each day was a different subject Thurs - Colour, Fri - Perming etc etc so we will be learning them all at once and then after Christmas our lessons will become appointments to do our assessments. She said there are rather a lot of assessments for this, for example, with aromatherapy I might have 50 assessments and Reflexology - 30 etc but she said you could have 1 person in and do 6 treatments on them so if you had 10 clients in one day that's 60 so it does go down quite quickly. And what was annoying about hairdressing was having to wait for the clients hair to grow before you could bring them in again, at least we won't really have to wait for this one.

So yes I'm quite excited and she seemed to really like me, after explaining what the course was she saw us individually and she saw me first. She asked me questions about why I chose the course and what my job was now etc. And then when I stopped talking she said "Well if you want a place it's yours, I can tell you'd be really good at this." She also gave me her phone number and email address for any questions I have and also if I don't get my letter confirming my place within 6 weeks to ring her. She asked if she could ring me to get me in for some treatments with the students first which would be good. I asked her to go through the price list with me as it seemed like rather a lot (£700 at least) and she said a lot of those were wrong and that I can get my text books cheaper on the internet and things so that's not too bad. She also said I don't need to spent £150 on the Essential Oils kit as we only need a select few for the course and I may already have them. I think I'd like to have my own box though.

After that, I got the bus into town as I had to pick up some Henna for curiositykate and some Olive Branch shower gel and Xbox Live time for theimposter so I was in Lush first. Now normally when I go to Lush (my favourite shop) I pester them to employ me but today I kept my cool and didn't.

As usual one of the girls there came over and asked me what I was buying and were they for me, was I treating myself etc. I said I felt I really should treat myself as I'd just got an unconditional offer on the course I wanted but instead I was buying things for other people haha. She was (predictably) really interested in my course and said it sounded really amazing. She kept trying to show me things but I'd already used them haha and said to her that I had probably used everything in the shop. It was fun though, she told me about the Easter stuff they are getting in (little chocolate cocoa butter bunnies for the bath!) and about the manager Lush conference thing she went on which sounded fun and that they have new Vanilla scent stuff, which was great cuz I love vanilla and she got to show me things I hadn't actually used, I got a yummy body lotion. When I was paying for everything she asked when the course started and I said September but I was going to have to look for a new job which would be a bit stressful. AND SHE SAID "We're going to be looking for part time people, why not work here?" ahaha. She's asked for my CV and a cover letter and strictly said she wants it in the next few days so I'm really excited, I would love so so much to work there! It's not a guaranteed job offer so I'm trying not to be too excited in case but still she seemed to like me, we chatted about loads of stuff which was nice so I think I'm in with a good chance.

So yesterday was a really productive day! I got a place on the course, I may get a new exciting job at the place I always wanted to work, and I booked my hospital appointment. When I got in Chloe said that at her salon they are converting the whole of downstairs cuz the manager doesn't just want Beauty she wants Therapy too and Chloe said it would be cool if I worked there :) we both agreed we wouldn't get on eachother's toes as it's not the same area so we think we'd be cool with it.
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Luxie Malone
07 March 2009 @ 07:38 pm
I thought I'd make a change for once and make a post.

On Wednesday night I had my contraceptive implant taken out and had the Copper Coil put in instead. This is apparently going to be the best form of contraception for me as I cannot use synthetic hormones. The process was horrible. I don't know if many of you know how a coil is inserted but I suppose you can guess.

It was nice of the nurse to hold my hand and tell me not to apologise but it wasn't too nice. Afterwards I was in so much pain I actually threw up and I am not a being sick person. I cried all night and couldn't get comfortable. They said I was supposed to eat before going in. I felt too nervous to eat and it was probably a good job too seeing as I was sick and I probably would've been sick more than 3 times had I eaten. My sick was black and was mostly coffee incase you are interested. It looked like tar.

I woke up at 7am Thursday and have been taking paracetamol and codeine every 4 hours since. I don't know if it's still supposed to hurt. I've come on my period now though so maybe that's why.

Kate's birthday was on Thursday and we went for dinner at our mums and had a nice time and we went shopping in Milton Keynes yesterday which was nice and we got Kate's wedding dress, my bridesmaids dress and our mums Mother of the Bride dress. That was good :). Kate is stressing that my dress may not be the best one as it was the only one I tried on but that doesn't make it any less perfect. We went out for dinner at Zizi's afterwards and I had a nice pizza :)

I thought being hormone free might reduce or in fact stop my mood swings all together. I've been using hormonal contraception since I was 15. But in actual fact I've cried every day since the coil was put in. I'm not sure why. I just feel sad all the time.

Ryan is trying to be nice about it but doesn't understand what I mean when I say I feel like I'm turning into a wasp. We had an argument on our way into town today but I cheered up after I'd eaten.

I also got my letter for my interview for college. Will probably cost me £700 to do the course :( and the interview is on the 17th which is a bit short notice as I'll have to try and swap shifts without telling them why.

I might tell them I'm having a check up about my coil. Even though I don't actually have one at all. I'm sure you're supposed to have one 6 weeks after the procedure to check its where it's meant to be and then a yearly check up thereafter but no ones told me anything.

That's it.
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Luxie Malone
04 February 2008 @ 10:32 pm
I think I'll have to do whatever it takes to get this house: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-19215218.rsp?pa_n=5&tr_t=buy

If only we could afford that mortgage. Or if only they did half-ownership

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Luxie Malone
31 January 2008 @ 10:06 pm
Paul has spent the last month trying to figure out this website: http://www.00112358.net/

How to crack the puzzles and what it's for.

I go on it and I complete it in 5 minutes. :D

Turns out it's a cryptic website for a TV movie in America (Fallen) and when you complete the puzzles it shows you clips and links you to a secret site about the main person.

It was fun although I was a bit alarmed it was some kind of Goverment code breaking site and we might experience Mercury Rising without Bruce Willis and an autistic child.

EDIT: also our washer/dryer works now and I'm smelling the towels from the drier. I love them :D
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Luxie Malone
30 January 2008 @ 10:40 pm
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Luxie Malone
29 January 2008 @ 05:07 pm
I've been such a little housewife lately.

On Sunday I went to the gym and did my programme, my mum came with me cuz she revealed to me she hated her programme which was why she hadn't gone to the gym in months so I made her come in and make up a new one. There's no point paying £52 a month for something you never use. She doesn't even have to do her programme, she can use what she wants that's just what the fitness instructor recommends but she's so anal she likes to tick everything off. So she came in and set up a new one.

My arms have been killing me after my work out. My legs don't hurt so much which is odd considering I used them the most, I suppose they are stronger than my arms as I do tend to use them more walking everywhere. But after doing my chest presses and arm weights I've had such bad pain lifting my arms that spreads all through my shoulder blades, armpits and breasts.

Paul told me how muscles develop when you work out (which I should really know, working in a gym), apparently they tear and then reform when you use them as they stretch. This is good though apparently, the idea of them tearing scared me a bit but they are supposed to so it's ok.

My mum dropped me home after and Paul and Jamie were working on Pauls car so I got out and chatted to them while my mum turned the car around. The crazy neighbour was coming out her house and ranting loudly "Those noisy bastards" and gestering at us and then she told me mum to piss off.

I shouted at her, and she told me to fuck off and then Paul shouted at her and called her a miserable old bitch.

She had no right to do that! She's convinced she has to "police" the car park. Our car park is for the people who live in the flats and visitors to the flats. Whenever we have guests she shouts "I'm going to call the police!". Which she also has no right to do. She annoys me so much, she has visitors who park here too! Apparently we were noisy on Saturday night, which isn't true. I got back about 11pm (I went to my mums with curiositykate after work) and Paul had Steve-o and Sierra and Jamie round and although Paul was playing accoustic guitar and Jamie was on the keyboard it was quiet.

Paul went to see the lady who lives below us (who has known Paul since he was a child and is always lovely to us) and she said it was out of line and that she hadn't heard a thing Saturday night and she'd speak to The Crazy Neighbour. I saw her yesterday and she said she'd told her we deserve an apology and that we are reasonable people and if there is a noise problem we'll make a negotiation. And we will providing she apologises and can speak to us without swearing. If instead of saying "Fucking noisy bastards" she'd actually said "Hi Paul and Lucy, you were quite noisy last night I could hear TV/music/voices, can you try and sort that out please?" then of course we would've! But she's so unreasonable. I expect when she saw people come over Saturday night she worried herself into hearing things and that was the problem. The nice neighbour said the crazy one had had an operation recently and being old and living alone was a bit fragile. I would be more sympathetic if she was nicer.

Anyway after that, Paul, Jamie and I went out to the pub for some lunch and then me and Paul went home and had a nice evening.

Yesterday I did an early shift (6:30am til 12pm) and I was in a great mood, I woke up on time and had breakfast and got ready and even had 10 minutes to spare after! The day went by quite quickly and I went home and got ready to go to the doctors at half 1 (I walked there and back incidentally, took half an hour each way).

I went to see the Family Planning Nurse again as she put me on the Pill for 3 months last time I saw her as the implant was playing up. She asked how things were going and I said I was a lot better apart from getting depressed and mood swings and that I thought it was just me and the doctor has referred me to counselling. I also asked her about Deep Vein Thrombosis (rare but serious side effect of the Pill) because whenever I get pins and needles in my leg I'm convinced I'm going to die but she reassured me I'd know if I had it as my legs would also swell up and go hot. But anyway not to worry because hopefully not the implant should have settled down and if not then she's given me some of The Pill incase. But she said if it doesn't settle down then it's not for me, which would be annoying cuz the pill also isn't for me as I can't seem to take synthetic eostrogen and if the implant isn't for me then that means I also can't take synthetic progestgeon!

Anyway I went home and Paul had gone out when I got in so I started on the washing up and then cleaned the kitchen, bleached the cooker, hoovered and tidied the living room and then Paul phoned and said did I want to meet him in town and we could get some dinner and have a drink. So I walked down there and we decided to just go to Morrisons and buy food from there instead. When we got in he was really pleased I'd cleaned up and it put him in a good mood :) We had a really nice talk, he'd been really stressed about his car and the neighbour and he'd gone very quiet and sad looking and I wasn't sure what to do. I also worried it might be me that put him in that mood and when I told him that he told me it was the car and Crazy Neighbour and that when I get sad he also worries the same thing cuz he just wants to make me happy :)

He also said something else sweet, that he'd been thinking about when he was 16 and he remembered this party he went to vividly and he was thinking about what he'd like to change if he went back in time and he decided he'd want to go to university and get a degree and sort himself out and it would all be ok cuz he'd know where I live so he could still meet me :)

Today I did a full early shift (till half 2) which impressed me :) I haven't done a full one in ages as my manager comes in at 12 on my Early and often tells me if I want to I can go home which is very tempting. But today I thought No I'll stick it out, I want the money and it'll do me good. And she said again about half 1 that I could go if I liked and I still said no I was ok. Then at half 2 she said off you go then you look tired. So I came home and I ate a whole pack of Jaffa Cakes (naughty) and cleaned up again, I also hoovered the hall, bathroom and bedroom and put all the clothes away so it's all nice and clean.

I feel so good for that :) I very rarely do my share of the housework and it really winds Paul up. He always says if I could just do a little every day it would make all the difference. When I start work at half 2 I rarely get up early enough to actually do anything before work other than eat and get ready. And then I'm not back till 10pm and at that point Paul has come home at 5pm and seen all the mess and feels a bit sad. I think when I'm on an early shift I don't have much of an excuse though as I'm already up and I need to busy myself so I don't fall asleep.

I'm very sleepy now!
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Luxie Malone
23 November 2007 @ 06:54 pm
Here I am!

I'm babysitting my mums dog this week while she's in Essex and I feel bad but I wish wasn't because I'm used to doing what I want and not worrying about how long Muffin will be alone.

I've been working all week, I feel like I'm exhausted from work cuz I've been trying to get lots of shifts so I have extra money but really I haven't actually done that much overtime, I've been working most days but sometimes only for a few hours.

Paul had a gig Wednesday which went ok but they need some practice as they have another gig tomorrow night which is a bigger event (and not the size of my kitcen). I cried tonight because I knew I wouldn't see Paul as he needs to practice and I am working tomorrow till 8 so I wouldn't really be able to see Pauls band as they are playing at a venue which is running 10pm til 4am and they don't know their time slot and they will be there early to set up and I can't leave Muffin for that long. I completely overreated by crying and I'm trying to work on that but on the plus side I asked my dad for a lift into Northampton tomorrow about 10pm so when I get in I can make a fuss of the dog and take him out and then really I will only be out a few hours so it should be ok :)

The Doctor thinks the Progestgion in the Implant is having a bit of a bad effect on me cuz I keep crying and I'm a bit spotty but she doesn't want to take it out as it's still adjusting so they've put me on the pill (which is a bit silly as I also can't take synthetic eostrogen cuz I get the side effects). Today when I took my pill I accidentally held it the wrong way up meaning I took the last pill in the pack instead of te next one which isn't a big deal just means I might confuse myself later in the week but hopefully I won't overdose on it.

After a lot of thinking and Kate persuading me I thought I might get rid of the black hair but wasn't sure what I should do as I don't want to grow it out cuz that always looks a bit shit. Two of my friends (who aren't hairdressers) have bleached the black out and had it look ok and not burn away so I thought about that but wasn't sure if I wanted to be orange for a while but then Aimi at works friend who owns a salon in town said she could colour strip it for me so I thought I could do that and then maybe have it nice and blonde or something. So I was just adjusting to the idea of changing my hair colour and then someone came in the gym and fucking complimented me on my hair!!! She said it was such a nice colour and cut and was in very good condition. :( so now I don't know what I want.

Today two delivery men at work said I was very pretty and they said it nicely and not in a sleazy way, and other people say it to and that woman who said my hair looked nice and it makes me think if they can see it why can't I? Everytime I look in the mirror I see something wrong with myself, I'm not just saying that or being melodramatic, I just mean I look in the mirror and my hair will look shit and make my face look fat or my make up has all worn off so I look a funny colour or I have dry patches on my face or I look fat etc and I can never seem to look in te mirror and think "I look really good today". But that is also something I'm trying to work on, I've decided I have particually nice breasts so I'm trying to find something else to like. On Wednesday when Paul had his gig I wore a top that gives me good clevage to show off my nice boobs but unfortunatly it was too cold to take my jumper off.

I think tonight I will have a shower and a rest then tomorrow I might try and sleep in a bit before work so I can stay up late tomorrow for the gig. Then Sunday I am off work which will be nice, I'd like to get up early as I'm working an early shift on Monday and I don't want to get next to no sleep on sunday night but that's very unlikely if I'm out all night Saturday. We will have to see.

Today in Tesco I saw a girl I went to primary school and high school with, she was always nice to me but much more Loras friend than mine as I wasn't very cool but she had a chat with me in the queue which was nice and she showed me her baby.

rocknrollpixie would you like to come and stay?

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