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18 March 2009 @ 12:42 pm
So I'm a bit pleased with that.

Julia, one of the tutors who was interviewing, was doing a joint interview with me and this other girl (and this girls boyfriend who came along) just explaining the course, about the modules, assignments and term time stuff which was good. It sounds like hard work but a lot of things are. It's full time although that means it's 3 days a week but apparently they say full time because it includes a lot of work to do at home. But that was what my hairdressing course was like, and I did very little and still managed to pass that. But I won't do that this time I'll be really good and study and everything.

Julia said that with each module there will be an assignment, I imagine it will work like my Hair course did, where each day was a different subject Thurs - Colour, Fri - Perming etc etc so we will be learning them all at once and then after Christmas our lessons will become appointments to do our assessments. She said there are rather a lot of assessments for this, for example, with aromatherapy I might have 50 assessments and Reflexology - 30 etc but she said you could have 1 person in and do 6 treatments on them so if you had 10 clients in one day that's 60 so it does go down quite quickly. And what was annoying about hairdressing was having to wait for the clients hair to grow before you could bring them in again, at least we won't really have to wait for this one.

So yes I'm quite excited and she seemed to really like me, after explaining what the course was she saw us individually and she saw me first. She asked me questions about why I chose the course and what my job was now etc. And then when I stopped talking she said "Well if you want a place it's yours, I can tell you'd be really good at this." She also gave me her phone number and email address for any questions I have and also if I don't get my letter confirming my place within 6 weeks to ring her. She asked if she could ring me to get me in for some treatments with the students first which would be good. I asked her to go through the price list with me as it seemed like rather a lot (£700 at least) and she said a lot of those were wrong and that I can get my text books cheaper on the internet and things so that's not too bad. She also said I don't need to spent £150 on the Essential Oils kit as we only need a select few for the course and I may already have them. I think I'd like to have my own box though.

After that, I got the bus into town as I had to pick up some Henna for curiositykate and some Olive Branch shower gel and Xbox Live time for theimposter so I was in Lush first. Now normally when I go to Lush (my favourite shop) I pester them to employ me but today I kept my cool and didn't.

As usual one of the girls there came over and asked me what I was buying and were they for me, was I treating myself etc. I said I felt I really should treat myself as I'd just got an unconditional offer on the course I wanted but instead I was buying things for other people haha. She was (predictably) really interested in my course and said it sounded really amazing. She kept trying to show me things but I'd already used them haha and said to her that I had probably used everything in the shop. It was fun though, she told me about the Easter stuff they are getting in (little chocolate cocoa butter bunnies for the bath!) and about the manager Lush conference thing she went on which sounded fun and that they have new Vanilla scent stuff, which was great cuz I love vanilla and she got to show me things I hadn't actually used, I got a yummy body lotion. When I was paying for everything she asked when the course started and I said September but I was going to have to look for a new job which would be a bit stressful. AND SHE SAID "We're going to be looking for part time people, why not work here?" ahaha. She's asked for my CV and a cover letter and strictly said she wants it in the next few days so I'm really excited, I would love so so much to work there! It's not a guaranteed job offer so I'm trying not to be too excited in case but still she seemed to like me, we chatted about loads of stuff which was nice so I think I'm in with a good chance.

So yesterday was a really productive day! I got a place on the course, I may get a new exciting job at the place I always wanted to work, and I booked my hospital appointment. When I got in Chloe said that at her salon they are converting the whole of downstairs cuz the manager doesn't just want Beauty she wants Therapy too and Chloe said it would be cool if I worked there :) we both agreed we wouldn't get on eachother's toes as it's not the same area so we think we'd be cool with it.
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Lady Jwolfylady on March 18th, 2009 02:30 pm (UTC)
The course sounds really interesting, congratulations on the offer! I hope you can work in Lush too, that would be awesome, although I know the branch here does group interviews which are a bit scary! I hope they get easter eggs bath bombs for Easter again; I've never had one but they look sooo amazing.
The Impostertheimposter on March 19th, 2009 01:29 pm (UTC)
Well, this gets my prize for snappiest entry title of that day :-p
Kate.karohi on March 19th, 2009 08:54 pm (UTC)
Fingers crossed for something coming of the Lush job, imagine how lush (no pun intended) you would smell!