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23 April 2009 @ 10:33 pm
Things I love!  

♥ This lovely new Panda DS game Kate has got for me. It's like Nintendogs but with this adorable Panda. Mine is named Panda-San. If you tickle him in just the right way he gets covered in flowers cuz he likes it so much ♥

♥ Working at Lush. This has been my dream job for many years and after endlessly pursuing them and being let down I gave up hope. Perhaps I just had to wait for the ideal time. Last week on my first day I felt a little disappointed in myself as I hadn't managed to do any demonstrations or actively help a customer and I felt as though I should have done. I think maybe this is a skill I will gradually learn as time goes by. I get on well with the girls there though, they are all very nice and I think I'm picking things up well and I know a lot about the products so other than that it's all going good ♥

♥ Me and Ryans weekend away at Easter. We stayed in a cute little flat in Cheltenham with our own kitchen/bathroom etc and we had a lovely time, didn't go out much as we are poor but it was nice to be alone and do what we liked ♥

♥ Kate and Chris get married next week! Obv this is very exciting ♥

♥ I booked time off work for the wedding next week, I asked for Monday 27th to Saturday 2nd but have actually got this Saturday 25th until Tuesday 5th which is rather lovely ♥

♥ My Vanilla De-Lite body lotion from Lush! It's so so yummy, I love vanilla so I'm so glad it's so powerful in this body lotion, you get loads of "Hint of" smells but this is deffo vanilla, leaves my skin so so smooth too, haven't shaved my legs in a while so I was stubbly but they feel all soft now ♥

♥ I'm not trying to make this post all about Lush but I did also want to mention my Lemony Flutter cuticle cream, I bit my nails and the skin around my nails and they get so so skanky looking but since using this cream they've been looking amazing. The skin has all healed up and it's helping me not to bite, and when I do I just rub some of this on and it looks much better! I've also been using it on my toes and cracked heels ♥

♥Honorable Mentions♥ All the freebies I have from Lush, it's nice to try out new products and have such variety :) There's lots of things that I've never used before like Mirror Mirror face/cleavage cream, Eau De Roma Toner, Almond & Coconut smoothie so I'm really glad I've got those ♥ Nature Valley Granola bars, I swear I'd starve if I didn't have these, sweet filling tasty. Always got one in my handbag ♥ Kate for making me Sleepy Time tea ♥ Nicola at work, we always got on well but since she's started working on reception we've realised we have a lot in common ♥
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Kate.karohi on April 24th, 2009 06:53 pm (UTC)
Vanilla De-Lite body lotion — Mmmm, sounds delish! It really annoys me when things don't smell 'properly'.