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Luxie Malone
13 November 2007 @ 11:08 pm
Stolen from jadorelefromage

1) Take your answer to each question and type it into an image search engine
2) Post one of the images from the first page of results.

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Luxie Malone
31 October 2007 @ 11:07 am
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Last night me and Paul were standing by the backdoor smoking and Muffin was with us and he was sniffing around the table that's just outside by the door and he suddenly screamed! It turned out he'd sniffed a hedgehog who understandably did it's spikey ball thing and pricked Muffin. We had to shut him in the house and block up his dog flap but the hedgehog didn't want to go for a while :( poor little thing it was probably looking for somewhere to hibernate. It's gone now though so I've been letting Muffin out.

Tonight is Halloween night and so there will be lots of Trick or Treaters. I will be working till 10pm and I doubt Paul will come here after work so I don't think the Trick or Treaters will be getting anything this year. I hope they don't egg the house.

Mikes parents keep ringing. Either they don't communicate and tell the other one he's on holiday or they don't understand the concept of a holiday.

I was very proud of myself today, my alarm went off at 10am and I actually got up!! I had quite an early night though despite the fact I napped yesterday. I was very tired from doing 3 early shifts in a row. But yesterday I had a lengthy bath (I used the Sicilian bath bomb from Lush's Retro Lush section and it smells so orangey, it's like those efferverscant Vitamin C tablets you get and there was bits of orange inside it too, was very nice but a bit sweet) which got cold very quickly :( and then I had a shower after and got into bed!

I've been very good with my brain training and I've got much better at it! I can see an improvement in the memory exercises but not so much in the anagram ones :(. My brain age is 37 now which I'm pleased about.

I've agreed to do some waitressing for work later in the month for one of the functions. It'll be a bit of extra money and it shouldn't be that challenging really.
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Luxie Malone
29 October 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Paul has passed his driving test!!!
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Luxie Malone
28 October 2007 @ 09:08 pm
The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy!
Then tag 6 people and force ask them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good.
Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

1. Friday night I didn't get to go to the Halloween fancy dress party but I had a long warm bath reading a Sabrina book.

2. Going to MK last night and having a nice mocha and buying a new manga book which I will read in the bath tonight.

3. Having Saturday off work even though I slept till 12 and wasted a lot of it.

4. Coming home from work today and knowing I can relax and keep warm now.

5. Lowering my brain age on my mums Brain Training game although I then made it higher again :(

6. Having a bed full of lots of pillows and several quilts making me feel rather princessy and snug.

I tag: spellotaped, wolfylady, _phoe, vampyricmaiar, secretagentboo, opal_fruits
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Luxie Malone
27 October 2007 @ 02:07 pm
I'm staying at my mums at the moment as she is on holiday and the little dog needs looking after. He is sooooo cute. Haha I love him so much. He is quite naughty when my mum is away though I think it's cuz he misses her and doesn't really understand the concept of a holiday he just knows that she's gone and he doesn't know when she'll be back so I'm trying to be patient with him. He hasn't been too bad so far although a bit attention seeking. When he's being naughty he deliberatly knocks things over and climbs on and into things that will make a mess. Last night he climbed on the coffee table and jumped up to the very small windowsill and I thought he was trying to "cause himself an accident" like he does but he actually fetched his ball off the window sill and came and gave it to me and I felt bad for mistrusting him and I thought he was very clever for doing that.

Sadly Paul doesn't love dogs or Muffin as much as I do and he isn't so patient, he hates that Muffin sits very obediently when we eat in the hopes he'll get some food or that he likes to sleep in the same room as us :( He thinks he's allergic to Muffin, last night his eye went all blood shot and irritated and he says he thinks it's Muffin but I think it's more likely to be the throws and blankets my mum has as he's allergic to mine. He also says he can't breathe in other peoples dust well (this does sound odd) and that he can only breathe in his own dust. It sort of makes sense though cuz when I'm at my mums my nose is less irritated but quite often at mine and Pauls place it is. I don't think Paul wants to stay here much.

On Thursday Kate and I went to see Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. It was very good but I felt it was far too short, especially as they missed a lot of the book out. And seemed to steal bits from LOTR. But overall it was very good and we had fun.

Tonight I'm going to Milton Keynes with curiositykate and theimposter (Welcome back to LJ) to go to Lush and go to the pretty book shop with a Starbucks. I don't have an awful lot of money atm being that it's pay day next week but mum left me £20 incase I need to buy food so I could always bring that and not spend it all and probably still have enough money in my bank account incase I need to buy food. And that way if all I have is £20 I won't be tempted to spend more than that.

I've been playing the piano as I've been here which has been fun, I learnt the difficult part of a duet and I'm hoping that Kate will play the easy part then I can see how it sounds, I tried to teach it to Paul but he didn't like it as he can't read music. He does play the piano brilliantly though he improvises and he can play real songs on the piano just be interpreting them by ear. It makes me very jealous though.

I don't get many comments on my LJ, I think it might be my writing style. But I'd like a bit of feedback from people, for example what do you like to hear about in my journal, and what don't you like about it? I know I don't comment much for some reason I find it hard, in real conversation I find it easy to contribute to things and I can imagine that if the person writing on my friends page actually told me these things in person I'd have plenty to say but somehow I find it very hard when it's all written down in one go. But I will try harder with that.

I did my mums "More brain training" last night on her DS, I've never played the first but I could only find the extended one here so I just did that. My brain is in its 50s which is very bad. I was best at the piano exercise and at the giving change one, I suppose that's because of using a till at work which doesn't tell you how much change to give. Also as I play piano I know where all the notes are so I know better how to play it. I was annoyed with the one where you fill in the correct mathematical symbol (IE 9 [ ] 1 = 10) because the DS kept confusing all my symbols so it kept saying I was wrong where I was actually wrote. Also on the Rock, Paper, Scissors one it kept not hearing me say Scissors so I was saying it over and over and over again making my points low because of time. I must say it wrong or something.

I'm stressing about work a bit while I'm at my mums, cuz I have to rely on Chris for all my lifts and especially earlys which my mum normally does. Plus I'm worried I won't get up on time here, I'm nore sure why. I suppose it's just a change of scenery and it worries me.

My mum has bought a spinning wheel which has upset Muffin a lot. Not only because my mum has moved his bed so she can keep it in that corner but I think also because the previous owner had dogs it probably still smells like them. He keeps walking up to it and growling at it and then walking off.

I was supposed to go to the Halloween Karoke/Disco thing at work last night (we have a bar there) and I was going to dress up as a Victorian vampire rather like Lucy in Dracula. But I didn't go in the end because I finished work at 5 and I had to walk home (stopping at Kates to pick up some boots) pick up the things I wanted to take to mums and then walk to my mums which left me with an hour to have dinner, have a bath and get ready and I didn't think I had enough time. So I texted Aimi (who I work with) saying not to worry about picking me up at half 7 as I wouldn't be ready and that I might get a taxi down later instead. I put might cuz I didn't want to promise incase I decided to stay in the bath all night. And she rung me back quite pissed off and upset cuz apparently I was the 5th person to say I wasn't going tonight and she said she wasn't going to go as no one else was and I felt really bad.

I'm slightly concerned about Halloween night, I am working till 10pm and I've told paul we've got sweets to give to the Trick or Treaters and that he needs to do that otherwise they will egg our house. But I'm worried that either he won't and that will happen or that when he opens the door Muffin will run out.

I staying here for about 10 days, and although I like being at my mums cuz she has a pretty house and my bed is lovely and soft and everything, I will miss being "at home" and I suppose I will miss not having the responsiblity of looking after Muffin. I feel bad saying that though.

I don't really have anything else to say now so I think I will go and make lunch!
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Luxie Malone
19 October 2007 @ 10:46 pm
Years Ago meme stolen from SeptemberrainsCollapse )
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Luxie Malone
16 October 2007 @ 04:40 pm
Comment on this post. I'll choose seven userpics from your profile and you'll explain what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

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Today Kate and I went into town to pick up a present for Pauls niece, it's her birthday party tonight and she'll be three. We got her a fairy princess type costume and some pink sparkley shoes :) and on the way back I stopped in Morrisons to get some biscuits and I got some roses too, is that sad I bought them for myself?
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Luxie Malone
15 October 2007 @ 12:30 pm
My paid account is going to expire soon :(
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Luxie Malone
12 October 2007 @ 03:12 pm
Open up my head

1. What's your personal hell?

Being in a bad mood with no time and nothing to do and no money.

2. Do you prefer brightly lit rooms or dim spaces?
I like brightly lit when I have to get something done but when I'm at home I like it dimmed down, or lit with natural light.

3. What's the weather like today?

4. Is it easy to be you?
It can be I guess.

5. Friday fill-in:
My heaven is ____
having money, and time to spend it or relax.

To be honest I don't really have anything to update about.

But I am very glad curiositykate went to the doctors and is sorting things out :) I'm very proud of you.
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